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OOO Permskiy Zavod Plastmassovykh Izdeliy (Perm Factory of Plastic Articles) was founded in 1995 and was positioned as a jerry can manufacturer. During its development, two large production sections have been created. These are manufacturing of press moulds and manufacturing of products from polymer materials.

At present, we offer a wide range of products and integrated cooperation program from design development, manufacturing of press mould to fabrication and shipment of products.

PZPI development history

OOO PZPI – is a Russian plastic packaging and press mould manufacturing enterprise.

Our plastic packaging factory started its activity in 1995, and at present, the company manufactures over 150 types of plastic packaging and containers for household and automobile chemical products, nutritional sector, medicine and cosmetics also offering components for plastic bottles:  trigger pumps, dispenser pumps and other special types of closures. At present, our company offers literally the largest range of products, maintains and continues to increase the volume of output making the top three plastic packaging manufacturers in Russia.


Since the establishment of our company in 1995, two large plastic packaging production sections have been created, manufacturing of press moulds has been set up. New types of products are regularly introduced into production. In 2008, ISO 9001:2008 standards system was introduced into production.


At present, PZPI supplies plastic packaging to over 250 companies in 87 cities of Russia. Our major partners include such well known names as OAO Nevskaya Kosmetika, OOO Renaissance Cosmetic, OOO PKH Alabino, OAO Arnest, OAO Vesna.


The company is looking forward to significant increase of plastic packaging and other polymer products range and volume of output, expanding its network of partners in Russia and importing its products to CIS countries.


PZPI head office, production sites and storage are located in Perm. The company has a sales office and storage in Moscow. At present, PZPI offers a wide range of plastic packaging for virtually any products and integrated cooperation program from design development, manufacturing of press mould to fabrication and shipment of products.

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Types of PZPI plastic packaging

The types of plastic packaging manufactured by our company listed below give an idea of its capabilities but do not exhaust them. We can state with confidence that we can solve any problem related to manufacturing of plastic packaging for your products irrespective of complexity and novelty of your requirements. Plastic packaging from PZPI can combine various properties required for storage of any given substances or products. The largest and the most well-known types of plastic packaging manufactured by our enterprise at present are listed below.

Plastic packaging for food and drinks

Food plastic packaging is basically represented by jars and bottles from 100 ml to 5 l. Such containers are used for bulk products, milk, spice, ketchup etc. As a rule, food plastic packaging is manufactured by means of coextrusion - from food grade polyethylene using the second biological protection layer.  An important advantage of plastic packaging from PZPI is the capability of achieving high barrier properties with a fairly low thickness of packaging.

Plastic packaging for chemical products

A distinctive feature of plastic packaging for household chemical products is its high chemical stability. For manufacturing of plastic bottles and other types of packaging for household chemical products, PZPI uses special polymer compounds not destructible by long-term exposure to aggressive chemical substances.

Plastic packaging for cosmetics

Plastic packaging for cosmetics is mostly represented by various bottles and jars from 0.1 to 1 l. Any plastic packaging for cosmetics manufactured by PZPI can be complete with trigger pumps or spray pumps. All our plastic packaging for cosmetic products can be manufactured with any shade of virtually any color.

Plastic medical packaging

Plastic medical packaging is mainly represented by various jars from 60 ml to 2.5 liters. PZPI is capable of manufacturing plastic medical packaging by means of coextrusion for better preservation of medicines.

Plastic bottles and jerry cans for car care products

Plastic packaging for car care products and other automobile chemical products can have the capacity from 0.25 to 20 liters, be equipped with measuring caps, measuring scales, dispenser pumps, spray pumps and other devices to enhance the efficiency of its use. Plastic jerry cans product line includes jerry cans with a capacity of 5 liters conforming to European standards. 

Designing and manufacturing of press moulds

A quality press mould is a basis of any plastic article manufacturing process. Initially, our goal was to provide high quality of press moulds which, in time, allowed us to set up our own production and offer press moulds manufactured to individual requirements of our clients and partners as a separate service of our company.  PZPI provides its production with required amount of press moulds and at the same time manufactures plastic packaging in demand at the market in compliance with the most stringent requirements. This combination allows as to maintain and continuously improve the highest level of process equipment of our press mould production facility and manufacture them with maximum possible accuracy and quality at the state-of-the-art level.

 We integrate end users’ motives and manufacturers’ interests, creating convenient and interesting packaging stimulating to buy the PRODUCT. We earn and develop, self-actualize and enhance partnership relations with our clients.

High quality, short terms and work performed guarantee are a hallmark of our company. Work with us!

Choose PZPI! Do business with a strong partner!

ISO – 9001 - 2008 is our publicity and confidence in the future!

370 contracts! with 250 companies from 87 cities of Russia!